hexapus ink


First and foremost our goal is to tell an interesting story in both a visual and a literary sense - a story that will inspire, alter, and change our readers so that maybe they will see themselves and their world in a different light.

Going down the path blazed by artists throughout history, we have chosen to release BounD independently under the moniker Hexapus Ink. Hexapus Ink represents the production team behind BounD: A Graphic Novel and all official merchandise.

Publishing independently has given us the freedom to put all that we have into BounD. We see each issue as a work of art all on its own, and not just a continuation of the story. Each issue "takes as long as it takes" to ensure we have enough time to get it right and up to our standards. We are our own worst critics. At the end of the day we aim to make something that we would want to read.

While we do want BounD to have a wide distribution and exposure,  at this point an arbitrary monthly deadline would be counter productive. The art would suffer and the story would suffer.  Our primary goal is to tell a good story, not to sell a product.  BounD will always be free to read online in one form or another. Any money we make from sales goes towards web hosting, printing costs, supplies, etc..

Thank you for your interest in Hexapus Ink and BounD.